Person Who is Easily Fooled Crossword

Person Who is Easily Fooled Crossword

A “Person Who is Easily Fooled” is a common trope in various forms of media, such as television shows, movies, and literature. This type of character is often portrayed as naive or gullible, easily falling for pranks, scams, or trickery. The term used to describe this type of person in crossword puzzles is usually a single word, and it can be a useful clue to help solve the puzzle. Figuring out the answer to this clue requires a good understanding of the nuances of language and an ability to recognize common tropes and clich├ęs.

Rank Word Clue
94% PATSY Easily fooled person
94% SIMP Easily-fooled person
3% SEERSUCKER Linen fabric got from one easily fooled by wise man?
3% ONTO Not fooled by
3% WISETO Not fooled by
3% SAPS Easily fooled sorts
3% NAIVE Easily fooled
3% GULLIBLE Easily fooled
3% RUBES Easily fooled sorts
3% SAP Easily fooled sort
3% ALERT Not easily fooled
2% SCAREDYCAT Easily frightened sort
2% SHORTTEMPERED Easily made angry
2% SOFTY Easily persuaded sort
2% KLUTZ Clumsy person
2% SLYDOG Sneaky person
2% TESTY Easily irritated
2% TROT Gallop easily
2% WIKI Easily vandalized site
2% TENDER Easily chewed

Business patronage crossword clue: One possible answer could be “sponsorship”.


Mark Twain quote its easier to fool people than to convince person whos easily fooled

The quote you are referring to is often attributed to Mark Twain, but there is no evidence that he actually said or wrote it. However, the sentiment expressed in the quote is a common one and reflects the idea that it is easier to deceive someone who is gullible or susceptible to manipulation than it is to persuade someone who is already convinced of a particular point of view.

The quote is often used to suggest that people who are easily deceived are somehow responsible for their own gullibility, but this is a flawed interpretation. In reality, there are many factors that can contribute to a person’s susceptibility to deception, including their level of education, their cultural background, and their emotional state.

Regardless of its origin, the quote serves as a reminder that we should always be skeptical of information that we receive and should strive to think critically and independently. By doing so, we can avoid being misled by those who seek to exploit our vulnerabilities and can make informed decisions based on reliable evidence and sound reasoning.



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