10 Best Careers In Law

From 8 a.m. classes and mooting to stepping into an actual courtroom, the journey can be challenging. Some law students may already have decided on the legal career they want to pursue. Some might even have profound knowledge regarding their choice and might have weighed the pros and cons.

If you are in a law school or about to enter one without guidance on what legal career to opt for, keep reading! This article will guide you through the legal careers you can choose after graduation.


Crime – defending or prosecuting it?

If you have watched “How to Get Away With Murder” and loved the show, you might want to experience it in real life. After you graduate from law school, you can get a license to practice or complete an MS in criminal justice administration. Not only will a master’s enhance your understanding of crime and forensics and teach you about the policies regarding the current criminal justice system, but it is also more likely to add more value to your resume when you are looking for a job related to criminal justice. Now you can either put the bad guys behind bars or maybe get the bad guys out of prison, whatever floats your boat!



Do you know that one friend who is always solving arguments between couples? If you are that friend, mediation might just be your forte. Not only is the salary fulfilling, rounding off to about $62,191 per year, but the job itself is comparatively more straightforward. As a mediator, you would be responsible for facilitating communication between the two conflicting parties involved in a legal dispute will help them reach a solution they both agree on, all without going to court.


Immigration lawyer

From providing legal advice to clients regarding visa applications and green cards to political asylums, this field is of interest to many. You can also represent your client in immigration court. Not only is the salary quite satisfactory, but the job is fulfilling if you want to be pivotal in saving people from illegal deportations, etc.


Employment lawyer

As an employment lawyer, you will be responsible for representing labor-related matters. You can either represent the company that hires you or an employee who claims they have been wrongfully terminated from the job. You will also be responsible for providing legal advice to the company regarding workplace safety, health concerns, etc. Or, when the working environment gets hostile, you can also work as a negotiator between the company and the trade unions. In short, labor-related matters are diverse and happen in every company, small or large. Hence, there are several opportunities for you to get that bag.


Corporate law

If you are interested in law and business simultaneously, corporate law is the best way to converge your interests. As a corporate lawyer you will also work as business fraud lawyers, responsible for advising businesses about their legal rights and responsibilities. You will also oversee mergers and acquisitions, draft contracts and deeds, and negotiate the contract terms. Moreover, as an in-house counsel, you can provide legal guidance on better complying with laws relating to insider trading, embezzlement, fraud, etc. Although this might sound complicated initially, the salary is worth it. Go ahead, bring out that Harvey Specter inside of you.


Human rights lawyer – make justice accessible

While the USA is regarded as the “land of the free,” human rights violations daily say otherwise. If you’re passionate about bringing justice to the people, opting for a career in human rights law may be your forte. You can take up pro-bono cases to make justice accessible for all and create a powerful impact. Anything from racism, violence, and sexual abuse to human trafficking, forced labor, and kidnappings, falls under your jurisdiction. As James Baldwin said, “Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”


Patent attorney

Considered one of the highest-paid lawyers, patent attorneys protect an investor’s property rights. As a patent attorney, you can help your client obtain and register the patent before it is stolen and used by another. If you are interested in intellectual property, this career is just perfect for you.


Family lawyer

From marriages to divorces and guardianships, family lawyers deal with them all. Your job would mainly comprise drafting custody agreements, wills, prenuptial agreements, and other documents. Although this field of law requires some degree of litigation, it is less prevalent and instead consists of performing legal research and drafting. If you are a people-person and can deal empathetically, you can opt for a career in family law. The salary is more than satisfactory, too!


General counsel

General counsel, also known as the chief legal officer, is the organization’s senior leadership’s primary source of legal advice. As general counsel, you will determine the company’s integral business decisions. If you are good with numbers and love handling transactions, consider a career as a counsel. Also, if you thrive under pressure and can think independently, you will be exceptional at handling immediate legal crises.


A judge 

Obtaining a judgeship is a fantastic idea after you have practiced as a lawyer and want to spice things up. If diving deep into the meanings and interpretations is your forte, you would love your job. Not only will you be interpreting the statute’s meaning, but you will also be giving out verdicts and decisions that may become exceptional precedents. Remember, remaining unbiased and impartial is the key to a just verdict. You do not want to be the cause of a grave injustice.



Law school can be hectic, and professional life may seem intimidating. However, the journey is less daunting for people who love the law. Just ensure you know what career to opt for, i.e., a career matching your skills and talent. From litigation to a desk job, the careers in law are diverse and comprehensive, and the salary is enough to keep you happy and satisfied. Go, get that bag!

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